Thursday, June 2, 2011

Size what!?


This evening the 3 of us went out to eat at Olive Garden. Afterwards I wanted to go into Kohls which is a department store here, kind of like Target but a little more up market.

Anyway I hadn't been clothes shopping since I really started losing weight and before I started WW I was in a size 18/20 US (Australian 20/22). Well I found some capri pants that were on sale and I grabbed the 16's thinking that was about my size. I get into the dressing room and they were way too big. So I go back out and look for a pair of 14's. There were none. Only 12's. Now I stood there for a minute thinking there was no way I could fit into them. But Billy said there was no harm in trying them. And I did.

Check out my bad self in my new size 12 capris!!


Excuse the quality of the photo. Billy is many things, but a photographer he ain't! 

Anyway I am totally stoked to have dropped so many sizes! I am fitting into my Australian size 14 skirts now too. Tops I am still not quite there. My "girls" don't seem to be shrinking much. I really wish they would! 


  1. wow nikki good on you! they look great!

  2. amazing Nikki!! so proud of you!!

  3. awesome news!! you're doing great + the capri's are cute!

  4. Good for you, those look good on you.
    You omelette in the post above looks so delish


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