Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday 16/06

Another quiet day at the homestead today. Billy worked late again so he slept most of the morning. I decided I wanted to try something different for breakfast so at Trader Joe's I got some of these:

I had never had Steel Cut oats before but I have heard they are really good so I got them and then got the idea to try making Bircher Muesli with it. I didn't use this recipe as I didn't have apple juice on hand. I will however make it like this next time.

I used:

1/2 cup steel cut oats - 8 points
6oz Dannon Light & fit vanilla yogurt - 2 points
1/8 cup non fat milk - 0 points

Mix it all together and refrigerate over night. The next morning I cut up a banana and some strawberries and added half of the muesli on top. Then sprinkled with 10g of sliced almonds, 2 points. 

It was really REALLY good! I think I will use the apple juice next time though as I think it needed a bit more moisture. I liked the texture of the steel cut outs. I am looking forward to trying them cooked. 

For lunch I made Billy & I some Lean Cuisine Spring Rolls. 5 points.

With a big 0 point salad. Balsamic vinegar as dressing.

For dinner I had some chicken breasts defrosting and decided as one of the sides to give the Harvest Grain Salad recipe from Danica's Daily a go. Scroll down a bit for the recipe.

I also grilled some of the squash our friends gave us with some olive oil and garlic salt. And some steamed broccoli. The Harvest Grain salad was a hit! The only thing I think I might add is a teaspoon of olive oil as I found it a little dry.

For dessert I had one of these:

And a late night snack of a few almonds. I had 2 points left at the end of the day that I didn't use.

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  1. yummy!!! im eyeing off that chicken breast and want it now!!


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