Friday, June 17, 2011


Billy had Monday and Tuesday night off so he decided to come with me to my meeting and take Ashley over to the library while I was in there so we could head off to Trader Joe's straight from there. I met up with them after my meeting and was able to get a book I had been wanting to read.

On our way to Trader Joe's we made our usual pitstop at Starbucks. Billy is now hooked on Caramel Frappes but I got my usual Skinny Caramel Latte, 3 Points. I also had a WW snack bar in the car, 3 points.

I thought I would take a couple of photos at TJ's so my Aussie peeps could see what I am talking about.

Taken with iPhone

Taken with iPhone

Our Haul!

Taken with iPhone

After our shopping trip we headed home for some lunch. Billy & I decided to share one of these again. 5 points for half.

I also made a huge salad.

And used some of the new dressing I got at TJ's.

Only 1 point for 2 tablespoons and it is delicous!

We just chilled out at home for a few hours before heading out to dinner with our friends. We had Mexican and I got the Shrimp Fajita's. I didn't get the tortillas or rice and beans. Just the sizzling plate. I was actually a little disapointed with them. Last time they were really yummy. This time not so much. I actually thought they might have been bad, but I didn't get sick or anything, thank goodness. I also had cheese dip and corn chips so I wrote off all my weekly points. I am pretty sure I didn't actually use all of them, but when I am not sure, I like to be safe.

Here is the shrimp plate. It is really dark in that restaurant so it was hard getting a good photo:

After dinner we went back to their place and hung out for a few hours just chatting and Ash played on the Wii. I wish we had more chances to hang out with them. They are awesome! They also have us some squash and cucumbers from their garden.

It was a great day and night!

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  1. wow trader joes looks awesome. i am glad you had a good time too! xox

    and yum, all that food is making me hungry!


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