Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend with sick hubby

This weekend has been kind of quiet. Billy got home from work early Saturday morning and was feeling awful. When I woke up he was burning up next to me. It was like laying next to an oven. So it was off to the Minute Clinic that afternoon.

While we were in Mooresville we decided to make a stop at World Market to grab a few things. I was also looking for something in particular. I had been thinking lately of trying to make my own Iced Coffee at home to save some money. I did some research online and found a few different recipes and most of them spoke about Torani sugar free syrups. World Market apparently carries them so I was so happy we were going there. And look what I found!

I got the small bottles as I didn't want to buy the large ones in case I didn't like them. I also stocked up on baked beans and Jo's salted caramels!

Because Billy was staying home from work and we were all tired I made hot dogs for dinner. I went to bed with 9 points left. 

Then today I had some of the bircher muesli I made the night before with some banana, strawberries and sliced raw almonds.

And I made my Skinny Caramel Iced Latte.

It was really easy too. Just instant coffee mixed with a little cold water, skim milk, Torani syrup and ice. Voila! 

I didn't photograph any other food today. With Billy being sick we have been kind of lazy this weekend and I just haven't felt like getting the camera out for everything. But I have been eating well. Actually I haven't been eating enough. For instance, it's 2am and I still have 12 points left and I am not hungry.

The scales here at home are showing I am back down to where I was when I had my 4.2lb loss. So my gain is gone thank goodness. 

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