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My weight history

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I was always skinny. As a kid and teenager I was a rake. Well after about 13 I was a rake with boobs, but I was always thin.

Me again!  I loved my Smurfs!

Such a tomboy! 1989
Age 13 1989

Me in 1991 - Makeover
Aged 15, 1991

The first time I ever gained weight was when I was pregnant with Ashley, when I was 17/18. This is the only photo I have of me pregnant.

My 18th Birthday
My 18th birthday 1994

But I didn't keep that weight on for long. By the time Ashley was 6 months old I was tiny again. I didn't diet or anything, I think breastfeeding and being young helped.

Me & Ashley 1994
Me & Ashley 1994

Me on the left. 1995/6

This is me on my 20th birthday. The photo is horrid but I am still really thin. It's a good reference for when you see my 21st birthday photo.

Me at 20, 1996

Around this time I started seeing someone and slowly the weight started creeping on again. At first it was only a small amount. In the photo below I had gone from a size 8 to a 12 (Australian sizes, that would be a US 4 to an 8)

Me third from the left

Ok so here is my 21st birthday photo. I had gained a BUNCH of weight by now. Things had gotten pretty bad in the relationship and I was very depressed and sought comfort in food.

21st birthday 1997

Another one from around that time. With Ashley at the beach.

Me at 21 or 22

Luckily for me I had a wonderful friend who realised how bad my relationship was a helped me get out of it. She has no idea how grateful I am to her. This is her and I.

Almost immediately after I left my ex the weight just dropped off. I didn't even really have to try to lose it. Sadly I don't have many photos from this time. Here are a few.

Me at 23, 1999

Me & Cristie
Me & Cristie 1999

I started seeing a new guy and it wasn't long until we moved in together. Then of course the weight came back. I actually don't mind how I look here. I am probably about 65-70kg (145-155lb)

Me in 2000
Me in 2000

This was the first time I ever joined Weight Watchers. Here I am with a bunch of my WW friends from when I first joined in 2000. I weighed about 68kg (150lb)

Me at 24, 2000. I am in the pink shirt on the left.

Sadly my boyfriend at the time wasn't very supportive of my WW journey and so I never really lost much weight on it. I kept gaining the weight and after a few years I was the heaviest I had ever been, even when I was pregnant.

I had a company ball to go to in 2002 and I felt so horrible in my dress. 

Me in 2002

This relationship struggled on for over 5 years, but after the first couple of years it was really just like 2 people who shared a house. There was no intimacy or anything. I was extremely depressed and had 0 self esteem. Then in mid 2004 I started losing weight. I have no idea how it happened. I had made some new friends at work and was socialising more so I think my confidence had returned. Finally in October 2004 we broke up. 

By the time of the work Christmas party came I had lost a bit more weight and was able to wear something I liked. I was still overweight but I was feeling a lot better about myself.

Me & friend December 2004

The weight kept coming off. Then on New Years Day I started talking to a guy in the USA. We became really good friends really quickly and soon enough started having more serious feelings for each other. During that time I dropped even more weight. This is me the first time we webcammed.

Me 2005
March 2005

Here I am dressed for work:

April 2005
April 2005

When I flew to the US in May 2005 to visit him I was about 60kg (132lb). Here are some photos from my visit:

May 2005

Our last night
May 2005

And here I am when I got back:

Back from the USA
June 2005

I kept the weight off once I got back. The stress of missing him and working out how we would be together helped with that! Once he arrived in Australia in December I was still thin.

December 2005

Sadly having him finally home with me meant we celebrated a lot and food was always around. And wine! So the weight started coming back. 

I hated how I looked for our wedding. Looking back, I am shocked at how much weight I actually gained in such a short time. Here is one of the few photos we have:

February 2006

Over the next couple of years I was in between 70-80kg (154 - 176lb)

A rare moment of hotness
February 2007

Job Interview
December 2007

FGR - My, what is that you're wearing?
May 2008

Ok now we are into photos in the US.

March 2009

May 2009

Old photo March 2010
March 2010

Here I weighed about 95kg / 210lb roughly:

April 2010

And here I am at around 91kg / 200lb:

Dec 2010, after losing about 10lbs
December 2010

And here are the ones since I started my Weight Watchers Journey:

Here I am 3 months into my weight loss and I am wearing the same jeans as above. They are hanging off me. I weighed 84kg / 185lb

March 2011

Here I am a couple more months later. 79.5kg / 175lb

May 2011

76.5kg / 168lb

July 2011

So there you go. My entire life of weight gain and loss in pictures, up until now. I can't wait to put up more of me, smaller and hotter!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Food Diary 30/07

Daily points allowance - 29 points
Daily calorie allowance - 1300 calories

We decided to just stay in today. Billy has 3 days off after today so we thought any running we had to do could be done then.


1/2 cup Kashi Golean Honey Flax Cereal - 3 points / 100 calories
1/2 cup soy milk - 1 point / 50 calories
1 banana - 0 points / 105 calories
1 x Iced Skinny Caramel latte - 2 points / 92 calories

Total = 6 points / 347 calories



I am really liking these bagel thins. I will probably start buying them more often! I really felt like having one with cream cheese on it all night last night so I caved and had it for lunch with a salad.

1 x Thomas Everything Bagel Thin - 3 points / 110 calories
20g whipped cream cheese - 2 points / 70 calories
salad vegies - 0 points / 31 calories
25g avocado - 1 point / 40 calories
2 tbsp Thai Peanut dressing - 1 point / 50 calories

Total = 7 points / 301 calories




Tonight I made Tilapia baked in lemon juice, garlic and celery seeds with brown rice, steamed broccoli, roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts. Yum!

65g tilapia (weighed cooked) - 2 points / 63 calories
1/2 cup cooked brown rice - 3 points / 109 calories
2 tsp canola oil - 2 points / 80 calories
butternut squash - 0 points / 60 calories
brussel sprouts - 0 points / 68 calories
steamed broccoli - 0 points / 13 calories
soy sauce - 0 points / 8 calories

Total = 7 points / 401 calories



Fruit salad (pineapple, 1/2 orange, 1/2 nectarine, apple, strawberries) - 0 points / 235 calories


Total = 20 points / 1284 calories



I find it so interesting that I have 9 points left yet I have almost eaten all my calories for the day. I am PMSing today and it's only 11:30pm and I think Billy will be home early tonight which means I may very well eat something else later. If so I will add it on here.

Photo Share: Aussie Skies

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far! I have been trying to come up with some ideas for the blog that doesn't involve Weight Watchers or food and I thought, I have over 10 000 photos on Flickr that are just sitting there so why not start sharing some of them on here. So I thought I would choose a subject and post some of my favourites.

Today I chose to show off some photos I took back in Australia of sunsets, sunrises and the sky in general. This was back before I had my DSLR or knew what I was doing with a camera (not that I know that now!). They were either taken with my Fujifilm S5600 or my Canon IXUS 80, both of which I still have btw.

Sunset Nov 07 - Perth Australia
November 2007

Clouds at sunset
February 2008

Sunset 30/03/08 7 
March 2008

Clouds 10th May 2008
May 2008

Sunset 26/05/08
May 2008

Fire in the sky
July 2008

August 2008

Sunset panoramic 05/08/08 Perth Australia
August 2008

One of the last Sunsets we saw in Australia:

Sunset 26-09-08

September 2008

I really hope you enjoyed my photos! I have many more to share! And please if you stopped by leave a comment! You don't need an account or anything!

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