Friday, July 1, 2011

365 restart?

Yesterday I was thinking how it's almost the middle of the year and I have been on my weightloss journey for 6 months and halfway to my goal. It got me thinking about my 365 portrait project that I keep restarting and never finishing.

Then out of the blue one of my old Flickr friends who had been AWOL for a loooooong time suddenly is back and she mentioned she might be restarting her 365 tomorrow too (today technically but whatever).

So I think I might do it. I am definitely more confident in front of the camera now. Plus it would be a good way to record the last half of my journey.

Here are a few of my favourite 365 from past years.



47/365 - 80's Rock Chick

75/365 - yes yes another eye shot

16/365 - Show Me Your Goth

38/365 - FGR Magazine Portrait

50/365 - FGR "sixties psychedelic visions acid imagination journeys of explora"

18/365 - Story telling

14/365 - Masks & Appliances

32/365 - I'm thirsty

The one above actually made it onto the front page of The Chive a couple of months ago. Someone else sent it in and I had no idea. Billy checks The Chive everyday and one day he just flipped out and told me to go there and there was my photo! Very cool!

46/365 - Xmas Lights

64/365 - Blanco y Negro

04/365 - Masked Imitations

26/365 - Almost Face - FGR

58/365 - Inappropriate Ninja

61/365 - Poe

02/365 - Low Key Me

And this is my ALL TIME Favourite! A guy in San Francisco even used it for a flyer for a Halloween Party at a bar!

104/365 - Zombie Prom Queen

Here is a slideshow of all of the photos I have taken for the project, all 500+ of them. Also if you are curious about the story behind any of the ones I posted, if you click them, it will take you to the Flickr page with the description.

As you can see, I improved a lot after time! And so did my cameras!

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  1. dooo itttt!!!! :D

    you could post weekly updates of them on here with a blurb under each one?


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