Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bad bad day!

Well today started off so well with my good loss at my meeting. I was actually a little surprised I didn't show a gain this morning as last night my little monthly visitor decided to pay me a visit almost a week early. And I usually swell up like a balloon at that time.

But those hormones and the terrible sleep I got last night have contributed to a TERRIBLE day of eating.

I can say without hesitation that I have eaten all of my daily points and probably most of my weeklies if not all of them today.

I just couldn't stop eating. We had Chick-fil-a for lunch and normally I would get something really low in points. Nope I got a naughty fillet burger and fries and non diet lemonade.

Then all afternoon I snacked on chocolate and crackers and cheese and candy and fruit and anything else I could shove down my throat.

Then I made a turkey burger for dinner. But after that I shoved even more crap into my mouth. I honestly couldn't tell you what I ate as I can't remember.

This is the first time in the 6 months I have been doing Weight Watchers that I have gotten this out of control.

But it ends now. I am going to bed in about 5 minutes. I will catch up on my sleep. Being tired is my worst enemy. When I am tired I want to eat. But I am too tired to make something healthy so I eat whatever is easiest, which is usually crap.

So I will get a good night sleep tonight. I have bircher muesli in the fridge for breakfast in the morning and I have all new fruits and vegies that we got at Trader Joe's today.

I may have fallen off the damn wagon and let it get out of my sight for a while. But I will catch up with that damn thing tomorrow and make sure I am strapped into it nice and tight.


  1. sounds like my daily eating habits :S with DD2 being nearly 2 years old and not sleeping through still i am exhausted!!

    good on you for being honest about it Nikki you will be fine tomorrow after a good nights rest :) xo

  2. did you think about how you might be doing it in fear of succeeding? i know i did that and then before i knew it, i had gained all my weight. ugh. good luck getting back on track tomorrow chica!! OXOX MWAAAH!

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself! You're only human hon. We all have bad days. It's okay to have a bad sometimes. It's not okay to have bad days all the time. You'll be okay! You are looking great and feeling better. One bad days isn't going to change that! You'll be fine. *hugs*

    Hope today is better for you!


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