Monday, July 4, 2011

The biggest factor.

Last night something big hit me. I came to a realisation that actually knocked the wind out of me for a second and made me really realise something big.

I was thinking about all the different factors that have made my weightloss so successful this time round.

My husband being so supportive, my leader and meeting being so enjoyable. The plan being more flexible. Trader Joe's having such great food.

But I never really gave credit to the biggest factor in all of this.


I am the main reason this has worked so well. I am the one that controls what I eat. How much I exercise. If I am going to succeed or not.

And I really haven't given myself credit for it. It really made me realise how proud I should be of myself. I have done this. Me. No one has held a gun to my head and forced me to do it. I made the decision to start. I make the decision every day to keep going.

Today marks 6 months on the plan and I have done so well. 31.6lb (14.3kg) gone. I am over halfway to my goal.

So today I celebrate me.

Day 1

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  1. Nikki well said :) I think that is one of the reasons i cannot relate to weightloss tv shows as most the time they say 'im doing it for this person, or my kids or that person' when in fact, to lose weight off my body and to enjoy life as a healthy person, i need to do it for ME first and foremost. I dont think we give ourselves much credit when we are big people because we dont feel we deserve it. nothing really positive about being big and unhealthy, and society sees it that way too, so for anyone to lose what you have lost or even to begin with losing 1kg, it is hard for them to say 'hey, ive worked hard for that' because people who dont have a weight battle do not understand the struggles we have.


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