Friday, July 22, 2011

El Amigo

Last night we got a chance to go out to eat with some friends who we love hanging out with and don't get to do it as often as we like! One of the downfalls of Billy working nights is most other people don't, so socialising is limited.

Seeming it was Billy's birthday a few days ago he got to choose where we would eat. He really wanted Mexican  which was fine with all of us. The first place he chose sadly was occupied by some people we really didn't want to run into so we changed location at the last minute.

We had wanted to try this place anyway so no big deal. We ended up going to a place called El Amigo. Walking in we realised we liked it better than the other place anyway, it seemed a lot nicer and cleaner.

I wanted a margarita and was going to have one! I haven't had much alcohol since starting Weight Watchers and normally it doesn't really bother me not to drink but last night I really felt like one.


I can't go to a Mexican restaurant and not get cheese dip. I love it so much!


With some naughty corn chips:


For dinner I ordered the Chicken Fajitas without the tortilla's, rice or beans. I really just eat what comes on the sizzling plate. YUM!


It was really good, better than the other place hands down! So I think this may be our new Mexican restaurant!

After dinner we headed back to Dave & Kat's place and we hung out and talked about movies and watched some funny videos and looked at their photos from their recent vacation. It was great.

I wish we could hang out with them more often!


  1. i looooooooooove mexican food!!!! :D

    we had taco bill on thursday night! :) christian had never had it before!

    yum yum yummmmm xox

  2. looks yum!!! glad you had a great time :D


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