Sunday, July 17, 2011

Essential Weightloss Tools

I have been meaning to write this post for months now! I just keep forgetting. I have been terrible with blogging lately and I really have no excuse. The only times I can forgive myself for not blogging is when Billy has a day off, as I tend to stay off the Internet as much as possible and spend the time with him. But he only gets 1-2 days off a week, so I have no real excuse.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Things I need to be successful.

First and foremost I need some kind of plan. My fallback is always Weight Watchers. I have tried others in the past but WW is always the one that I go back to. I first joined WW in 2000 weighing 67kg (147lb) which I thought was HUGE back then, as I was used to being around 50kg (110lb). I would give anything to be back at 67kg! So a structured weight loss plan is important for me. Going to meetings has always worked well for me. I love my current meeting. My leader is great and she wants to recruit me to work for WW once I get to goal. It's something I really want to do so that gives me even more motivation. Plus I love all the ladies at my meeting and the couple of men who go too!

Second of all I need a support system. My biggest supporter is my wonderful husband.

He has been so great throughout this journey of mine and backs me up with everything. He will take me where ever I need to go, to get groceries etc. He doesn't complain at all. I guess part of it is he is getting a thinner, healthier and happier wife in the process. He sure is happy about that!

My mum and my in-laws have also been really great too. They are always asking me how much I have lost and how it's going. My MIL even calls me skinny girl now! I love her! haha

Onto some of the tools that I rely on BIG time every day.

Kitchen Scales. I weigh EVERYTHING! I am not kidding. This baby gets a workout like you wouldn't believe!

Apart from weighing things I also measure stuff eg: milk, oils, dressing etc. So a measuring cup set and spoons are equally as important as the scales.


I also have a set of glass measuring jugs but I didn't get a photo of them.

Another great tool is my Weight Watchers iPhone app. I use it when I am out to look up points and to track what I am eating. I have my phone with me 24/7 so it's a fantastic tool to have.

Another big thing is food. Making sure I have the right foods on hand at all times. Fruit, vegetables and healthy low fat, highly nutritional snacks. I always try to have a lot of healthy foods in the house so I don't turn to junk.



Although I do allow myself some indulgences from time to time. Which is great about WW, it allows you to indulge occasionally.

I am sure there are many other things I could list but these are the ones that come to mind right now. And honestly having all of these things have made this journey quite easy. Yes some days are harder than others, but all in all, this has been one of the easiest weight loss journeys I have been on.

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