Sunday, July 3, 2011

Food Diary 02/07

I was finally able to go shopping today! Hoorah! We went to World Market, Target and Aldi. I didn't have breakfast before we left as we got up and left out as soon as we were ready so Billy could get back and sleep.

After World Market we hit up Starbucks inside Target for some caffeine. I got myself a Venti Skinny caramel latte. 4 points. Funnily enough I have never taken a photo of one. And I didn't take one today!

We got home and I was starving so I made myself a pita with garlic hummus, arugula, cucumber, cherry tomato and sharp cheddar. I had some smoked turkey breast on the side. 7 points


I had a yummy Jazz apple for an afternoon snack. 0 points


A little later I was still craving something sweet so I had a Fiber One brownie. 2 points.

For dinner I made myself 2 Trader Joe's Sweet Apple chicken sausages and stir-fried some broccoli and mushrooms with some soy and garlic. 8 points


I love that you can see the steam coming off the vegies! For dessert I had something I had wanted to try in a while. People on the Weight Watchers message boards had been talking about these and I needed to try them.


I found them at Food Lion and they are only 3 points each! Which is pretty good considering their size. So I had one after dinner and OMG! It was so good!


Being a Saturday night I had a feeling Billy would be home earlier than usual so I saved 5 points just in case, cause I knew if he was home before I went to bed I would stay up later than usual and probably snack.

Lucky I did because he got home about 1:30am and so I had some popped chips with salsa. 5 points.

I was still a little hungry after that so I had a slice of sharp cheddar cheese. 2 points.

I used 31 points, 29 dailies and 2 weeklies.
Earned 1 Activity point from 15 mins on the Wii Fit.

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