Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday. He turns 33 tomorrow. Yes he is my toy boy! hehe

Here is a little tribute to my best friend.

(Sorry the song cuts off, I made it for Flickr years ago and they only allow 90 second videos)

Billy is smart, loving, loyal, passionate, talented, kind, sensitive and hilarious. He is a lot like me yet sometimes baffles me with his imagination. I love him to death and celebrate every day I know him.

Here are some photos of showing all sides of him.

03/365 - Bokeh Billy


Enjoying the weather

He is too cute

My sexy hubby!!

My birthday present

my hubby

Gorgeous Billy

Happy Birthday baby. I love you!! 

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  1. happy birthday Billy!!! have a fabulous day and i hope you dont have to work!
    p.s. that photo of billy on the day of his grandfathers funeral makes me well up everytime i see it, so much emotion in it.


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