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My weight history

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I was always skinny. As a kid and teenager I was a rake. Well after about 13 I was a rake with boobs, but I was always thin.

Me again!  I loved my Smurfs!

Such a tomboy! 1989
Age 13 1989

Me in 1991 - Makeover
Aged 15, 1991

The first time I ever gained weight was when I was pregnant with Ashley, when I was 17/18. This is the only photo I have of me pregnant.

My 18th Birthday
My 18th birthday 1994

But I didn't keep that weight on for long. By the time Ashley was 6 months old I was tiny again. I didn't diet or anything, I think breastfeeding and being young helped.

Me & Ashley 1994
Me & Ashley 1994

Me on the left. 1995/6

This is me on my 20th birthday. The photo is horrid but I am still really thin. It's a good reference for when you see my 21st birthday photo.

Me at 20, 1996

Around this time I started seeing someone and slowly the weight started creeping on again. At first it was only a small amount. In the photo below I had gone from a size 8 to a 12 (Australian sizes, that would be a US 4 to an 8)

Me third from the left

Ok so here is my 21st birthday photo. I had gained a BUNCH of weight by now. Things had gotten pretty bad in the relationship and I was very depressed and sought comfort in food.

21st birthday 1997

Another one from around that time. With Ashley at the beach.

Me at 21 or 22

Luckily for me I had a wonderful friend who realised how bad my relationship was a helped me get out of it. She has no idea how grateful I am to her. This is her and I.

Almost immediately after I left my ex the weight just dropped off. I didn't even really have to try to lose it. Sadly I don't have many photos from this time. Here are a few.

Me at 23, 1999

Me & Cristie
Me & Cristie 1999

I started seeing a new guy and it wasn't long until we moved in together. Then of course the weight came back. I actually don't mind how I look here. I am probably about 65-70kg (145-155lb)

Me in 2000
Me in 2000

This was the first time I ever joined Weight Watchers. Here I am with a bunch of my WW friends from when I first joined in 2000. I weighed about 68kg (150lb)

Me at 24, 2000. I am in the pink shirt on the left.

Sadly my boyfriend at the time wasn't very supportive of my WW journey and so I never really lost much weight on it. I kept gaining the weight and after a few years I was the heaviest I had ever been, even when I was pregnant.

I had a company ball to go to in 2002 and I felt so horrible in my dress. 

Me in 2002

This relationship struggled on for over 5 years, but after the first couple of years it was really just like 2 people who shared a house. There was no intimacy or anything. I was extremely depressed and had 0 self esteem. Then in mid 2004 I started losing weight. I have no idea how it happened. I had made some new friends at work and was socialising more so I think my confidence had returned. Finally in October 2004 we broke up. 

By the time of the work Christmas party came I had lost a bit more weight and was able to wear something I liked. I was still overweight but I was feeling a lot better about myself.

Me & friend December 2004

The weight kept coming off. Then on New Years Day I started talking to a guy in the USA. We became really good friends really quickly and soon enough started having more serious feelings for each other. During that time I dropped even more weight. This is me the first time we webcammed.

Me 2005
March 2005

Here I am dressed for work:

April 2005
April 2005

When I flew to the US in May 2005 to visit him I was about 60kg (132lb). Here are some photos from my visit:

May 2005

Our last night
May 2005

And here I am when I got back:

Back from the USA
June 2005

I kept the weight off once I got back. The stress of missing him and working out how we would be together helped with that! Once he arrived in Australia in December I was still thin.

December 2005

Sadly having him finally home with me meant we celebrated a lot and food was always around. And wine! So the weight started coming back. 

I hated how I looked for our wedding. Looking back, I am shocked at how much weight I actually gained in such a short time. Here is one of the few photos we have:

February 2006

Over the next couple of years I was in between 70-80kg (154 - 176lb)

A rare moment of hotness
February 2007

Job Interview
December 2007

FGR - My, what is that you're wearing?
May 2008

Ok now we are into photos in the US.

March 2009

May 2009

Old photo March 2010
March 2010

Here I weighed about 95kg / 210lb roughly:

April 2010

And here I am at around 91kg / 200lb:

Dec 2010, after losing about 10lbs
December 2010

And here are the ones since I started my Weight Watchers Journey:

Here I am 3 months into my weight loss and I am wearing the same jeans as above. They are hanging off me. I weighed 84kg / 185lb

March 2011

Here I am a couple more months later. 79.5kg / 175lb

May 2011

76.5kg / 168lb

July 2011

So there you go. My entire life of weight gain and loss in pictures, up until now. I can't wait to put up more of me, smaller and hotter!


  1. what a fabulous post nikki. i can relate to you in that my weight has gone up and down, up and down etc. cant wait to see more updates!!

  2. sounds like me too! hehe

    you look amazing now babe!

    whats your personal goal?

  3. Thanks girls!

    Donna, it's 140lb/63kg for now. I'll see how I feel once I get there if I want to go lower.

  4. You're absolutely gorgeous no matter what the numbers are!!!

  5. you have always been gorgeous if you don't believe me ! ask your mum <3


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