Saturday, July 2, 2011

Our garden

A few days ago Billy told me that our moon plants had a whole bunch of flowers on them about to bloom. What is cool about these flowers is they stay closed during the day and bloom as the sun sets and stay open all night, hence the name Moon Plants.

They are Billy's favourite flower and the subject of one of our very first conversations. He even had one behind him when we would Webcam with each other. So we thought it would be really cool to make a time lapse video of them opening up. So here it is. It's really short but I think it's pretty cool.

The same day while I was taking these shots I snapped a few other things around the yard.

That is a closed moon plant flower above. With a little passenger!


  1. i love time lapse!!! fabulous!

  2. That second photo is a plant called plantain. If you pick the leaves of it (especially in early spring) they are great for pain relief on cuts, bites/stings, and even in the mouth for toothaches. I pick and dry a bunch each year (just lay them out on a towel for a couple of days) and then put them in a container in the medicine closet to use under bandages when you need one. They're amazing!! (and I love that they grow everywhere, but are so useful.)


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