Thursday, July 28, 2011

Princess Cassiopeia

Tonight while I was making dinner I happened to glance down on the living room floor and saw the cutest thing ever. We have this pink stool cushion that seems to be making the rounds of the house at the moment. Last time I saw it was when I used it to support my back while Billy straightened my hair for me. Now it seems its a Royal Throne.


I have always said cats behave like Royalty. They want everyone to run around after them, making them happy. And after owning this little princess for 1.5 years I have been proven right. This is just concrete evidence of it.

Look at her. Who does she think she is? You wouldn't think she licks her private parts would you. Or throws up hairballs on the carpets on occasion.


Oops I think she heard me. I'd better protect my ankles!

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