Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weigh-in 19/07


I didn't realise I hadn't even posted this yet! It's almost time for my next meeting too! I guess when you don't lose anything the excitement of sharing it just isn't there.

So I maintained this week. Gained last week, stayed the same this week. Not happy. I have been within my points both weeks. I have a feeling I am hitting a plateau and that I am going to need to do something drastic to kick start my losing again.

One thing I have started to do on top of track points is to keep track of calories too. It's actually quite interesting because according to My Fitness Pal I should be on 1300 calories a day to lose weight. But yesterday when I tracked everything I are (I only had my 29 points) I had consumed 1445 calories. I didn't go crazy with 0 point foods either. I had 1 small banana, 1 small apple and 1 orange. 

I am starting to think 29 points may be too many for me. Or I might need to use some of my points for fruit. Cause I don't really want to give my fruit up. 

Another big thing I need to work on is exercise. I am the worst person when it comes to exercise. I can admit that. But I was really enjoying using the Wii but here lately it has been so darn hot. Now we have AC but honestly it's an old system and when it's over 100 degrees outside with humidity (some days 115) the AC only takes the edge off. Most days it's over 80 degrees in the house.  So exercising has really been hard. I could do it at night, but nights is when I do all my housework. Because Billy sleeps most of the day I have to keep quiet which means I can't do anything around the house as it wakes him up. 

I just can't wait for Fall and Winter!!


  1. i dont know what it is but i always find that winter is the best time to shift the weight. yes in winter theres the comfort eating because its cold and you want to be inside and eat lots but i always find exercise is better in winter. good idea changing your points a bit, i am counting calories at the moment and am gobsmacked that i was eating in one meal, the amount of calories i should have a day!! :S

  2. you aren't the worst with exercise, i am! hehehe. but anyway, your weight is like a dream weight to me right now, so you are doing really well. goooo nikki xoxoxoxo. and yeh, at least you maintained!!!


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