Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weigh-in 26/07


Wooooohoooooooo! What an awesome loss! Just goes to show that lowering my points/calories for a few days really helped! I am thinking once I get a regular workout routine going I am going to really amp up the losses too.

I was So close to hitting 35lb gone! Missed out by 0.2lb! Arrgghh so close!

The meeting today was about avoiding food while socialising. Which is kind of hard when you think about it. Normally when we go out with friends or family, its to eat! haha What kind of activities do you do with friends or family that doesn't include food.


  1. well done nikki!! sounds like you gave your body a good 'shock' into working on losing it again :)

    hard about eating whilst socialising hey!! i guess by preplanning what you are going to eat it helps- i know you do that anyway. i went to gloria jeans with richelle ysterday and preplanned my calories before i left by deciding what i was going to have. even with the tempting cakes etc! but im the same with alcohol, i dont drink it, but i always tell people that they don't need to drink to be social. xox

  2. amazing!!!!!!!!!!! go nikki!!!!!!!

  3. Kate: It is so hard at coffee shops when they have yummy cakes! Kind of why I like the drive thru Starbucks here! If I can't see them, they don't exist! haha


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