Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another progress photo

That first photo is one I found recently that I think I look ENORMOUS in! I didn't even know it existed! I found it on Billy's pc and was horrified! But then I thought about how far I had come from there and that I wasn't ashamed to share it anymore. Because that isn't me. And it never will be again.

I got Billy to take that second photo last week when I was getting ready to head out to dinner at Tsunami's. I thought what I was wearing would show my figure better. 

I still have a ways to go and I really need to work on toning up. My arms are horrid! Plus I need a tan!

Here is what I actually wore to dinner, I wouldn't go out in spaghetti straps! It was under my top. This was taken with my phone so excuse the poor quality etc


  1. holy crap nikki you look amazing. can you see how much you have lost now? your legs look tiny and your waist!!! sooo gorgeous. even your arms are completely different. gooo girl!!


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