Friday, August 26, 2011

Earth Fare

So this week at my Weight Watchers meeting my leader came up to me and told me she found this great new store in Huntersville. She said it was Whole Foods. I had heard of them before and was excited they had opened a store sort of close by. I promptly looked it up when I got home. And I couldn't find it anywhere! I went onto the WF website and Googled it to no avail. It took me till the next day to realise it wasn't Whole Foods at all, but a different chain called Earth Fare. 

I did some research and found out they are a local company, founded right here in NC. So I was really excited! A local company that promises good quality products. So I spoke to Billy about it and we decided we would head there on his next day off, which happened to be today. 

Yesterday I signed up on their website and printed off a couple of coupons, 1 for a free chicken when we spend $10 or more and $1 per pound chicken breast fillets. Those were pretty darn good deals!

So we headed off this afternoon. It was a bit of a drive. Roughly 40 minutes in good traffic. Plus on Billy's least favourite interstate, 77. But we got there and at first I was really excited. Until I saw the prices. My jaw dropped! It was so expensive. An example, a whole pineapple there was $5.99. The highest anywhere else I have seen them sell for is $3. Almost everything else was like that. 

We did do pretty well with what we got though. First of all the free chicken:



This is no small chicken either. And it was free, well with a $10 purchase, but still, a pretty good deal.

Then we got some skinless, boneless chicken breast for $1 a pound, the price came off at the register.


The one thing I was surprised to see was the Chobani greek yogurt was only $1.18 a tub there, I haven't seen it that cheap anywhere else. So I grabbed a couple.


I also grabbed some apples cause I have no fruit in the house, except bananas. These apples were about $1 a pound more than I normally pay.


We were having trouble finding stuff to buy to make up the $10 as everything just seemed so over priced to us. We ended up grabbing a pack of the sushi from the dining area. 


Now I have to say their salad bar looked DELISH but again, very over priced. We don't earn a lot of money so this kind of place is really out of our budget. Trader Joe's is right on the limit for us. Even then there are things we just don't buy from there. 

I am really bummed that my hopes for this place were shot down. I am not complaining about their quality. Everything we saw looked fantastic, just our of our budget. 

The thing is, we don't care about organic. That's not what I was after. I want good, fresh produce. Not stuff that has been sitting in a warehouse cold store for weeks. I think we might need to suss out the Farmer's Markets down in Concord.

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  1. its hard when something that is built up to be so great from what you have heard turns out to be less than perfect for you. :( xo


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