Saturday, August 27, 2011

Great friends and really naughty food!

This afternoon my friend Andrea was having a Scentsy party at her house and it had been ages since I had seen her and Delinda who is our Scentsy lady, who moved a few hours away last year so I just had to go. It was a great afternoon and it became even better when Andrea invited me out to dinner with them all tonight.

We went to a tavern in Concord, Afton Tavern which was SO GOOD! The food was delicious and the staff were really great. BUT the best thing was the company. It had been so long since I had a really good girls night out and man I have missed them. These ladies are absolutely wonderful and hilarious! I met a couple of ladies I had never met before and they were just fantastic! I want to do this every weekend! Seriously I had a BLAST!

I also consumed so many calories/points that I couldn't even tell you. Let's list it all shall we.

2 bottles of Guinness
big steak with broccoli
piece of Key Lime pie
liqueur coffee (OMG YUM!)

Plus some tastes off other peoples plates.

But you know what. I don't care. I had such a great night that I really couldn't care if I gain weight from it this week. I needed a girls night out so bad that I would eat double that if I had to!

Also I am a little tipsy right now! It doesn't take much these days!


  1. oooh fun! i wish i could have a girls day with you!!

  2. I know! If I ever come back to Australia for a visit I will have to come see you!

  3. The one thing we have found in our few years of various food restrictions, is that if you don't have balance and indulgences and LIVE once in awhile, it makes you very bitter. Sounds like you have a great outlook and a fun time!!

  4. Normally I would have had weekly points available to use for a dinner like this BUT I am at the end of my week and I had already used most of those points.

    I don't restrict myself too much because I know if I do I will hate it and end up throwing in the towel and gaining all the weight back.

  5. I hate that I missed the party (it was my niece's 13th bday). BUT, I did order some scentsy online from the party! =)

    It sounds like you had a great night! I'm so glad you had fun! Reminds me how bad I need a girls night! Happy for you honey!


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