Saturday, August 6, 2011

Product Review: TJ's Frozen Steelcut Oats


Recently I found out about steelcut oats and bought some to try. I really liked them and even used them in my Bircher Muesli. However I found they took a long time to cook if I wanted them the usual way.

So I was really excited to find this at Trader Joe's this week. And the pack was only $1.49 which I thought was pretty good.

I had it for breakfast this morning and I really liked it. Although it says it has brown sugar and maple syrup it isn't very sweet. But I had it with chopped up banana which gave it enough sweetness for my liking.

Here is the nutritional info. Works out to be 4 points a serving, which is pretty good. 


And the ingredients. All natural.


I think I will buy these again. Mainly for the convenience and the price. It's something quick to have on hand for breakfast that tastes pretty good.

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