Friday, August 12, 2011

Restaurant Review: Tsunami #2

The other week Living Social had a deal that we couldn't resist. $15 for $30 worth of food at Tsunami's. We loved it so much last time we went that we decided to get it. And because it was our first Living Social purchase, we got a $10 credit, so we got it for $5! What a steal!

So Billy had Wednesday night off and we decided it was the perfect night to go. We all got all dressed up and headed down there.


Ashley always likes to try to use the chopsticks and he isn't half bad using them. I always use them. I learnt to use them in high school when I studied Japanese. I really need to get some nice ones for home one of these days. I couldn't bring any of the ones I had back in Australia.

Anyway, to the food! For starters we got the Gyoza, pork dumplings. They were yummy! Billy wasn't a fan of them and Ashley didn't even want to try one, but I liked them!


For my main I decided on the Geisha sushi roll. From the menu - 

GEISHA ROLL tempura lobster & shrimp, crabstick, cucumber topped with tuna, dynamite sauce, eel sauce & masago


It was raw tuna on the top and masago is fish eggs (caviar). I was a little concerned about "Dynamite sauce" but our waitress (who was excellent btw) allowed me to try a little before I ordered it and it wasn't too spicy at all. Just enough kick. 


It was DELICIOUS! But HUGE and I just couldn't finish it! I only managed 7 pieces of it! We did take our leftovers home but we decided to do some shopping after dinner and it sat in the car for over an hour so I didn't risk eating it after that. 

Billy went with the Teriyaki Salmon again and this time it was even better than the last time. It looked really good.


Ashley got the Teriyaki Chicken but for some reason I didn't get a photo of it. He liked it though!

So we all really enjoyed our food and we think we have found our Japanese eatery for the time being. The service is always fantastic and the food is delicious! 

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