Friday, August 12, 2011


The past few days have been so great! Billy had 2 days off and we did a lot of stuff in those days. Dinner, movie with his folks, hanging out and a bunch of shopping! So here is some of the stuff we got.

First of all, recently I have been reading the A Song of Fire and Ice book series. I read the first book A Game of Thrones a few weeks ago and the second one last week and became hooked! I will blog in more detail about the books and the show based on them soon. But I needed to get the next 3 books in the series so we got them at Target on Tuesday.


I wish I could get them all in hardcover. I love hard covers. But it would cost a fortune as I would have to order them online and they are hard to come by as they are older books. One day though maybe.

While we were at Target I checked out the clearance racks and I found some nice black jeans for $10 and I tried on the size 12's. And to my delight they were too big and I fit into the 10's! So I got them!


I also found the cutest jacket! I tried taking a photo of it but it wouldn't turn out right so here is the link for it: Jacket It actually looks better on me than in the photo on the skinny model. I really think you need some curves for it to look good. It really accentuates my waist. And it's a size 12! I love it! I will have to get a photo of my wearing it to post. Also it was on clearance for $15!

Then I had to get some new make-up remover and I knew Clinique was having their Gift With Purchase this month so we stopped by Belk's and I got my cleanser and some free goodies! (I love Clinique!) And the awesome thing is that here you only have to spend like $21.50 to get it! In Australia it was like $50 or something insane!


After we went to dinner on Wednesday night we stopped into Target again to get some groceries and I wanted to check out the shoe section and found these cute wedges on clearance. $14!



I think they are so funky! Poor Billy. Even though he liked them I could see it in his face that he dreads me wearing them. We are the same height so he hates it when I wear heels, which sucks cause I used to ALWAYS wear heels. But now I rarely do cause I know how he feels about me being taller than him. 

Billy didn't miss out either. He got himself a brand new Weedeater (whipper snipper for the Aussies). He loves his yard work so he was very excited about that!

It's been a while since we have been able to spoil ourselves so it was really nice to be able to treat ourselves to some nice things.

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  1. Just wait til you get to the end of them... all the emotions you will feel- indescribable. And Congrats on the size 10s! Billy needs to just suck it up the shoes are awesome, and it'll put a nice view in his face when you wear them ;)

    Heels also make your legs and butt look more toned- I know I always feel prettier (even though my husband says I am beautiful,) when I wear heels.


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