Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sloan Park

Billy had yesterday off and after he did some yard work outside we decided to head to the nearby park to walk around and take photos as it wasn't as hot as it has been lately. Ashley didn't want to come with us so it was just the two of us. 

The park includes the Kerr Mill. An almost 200 year old stone mill that is still standing today. Here is a photo I took of it when I first saw it in October 2008:

Kerr Mill NC

This time I didn't take many photos of the mill itself as I already have quite a few. But here are some I did take around it. There is a little stream that runs behind it with a cute bridge.







Of course I got some photos of the Black Eyed Susan's growing in front of the mill.


This is a big open area next to the mill. I love the lines in the grass.


And I got some little creatures too:



Something I got to experience up close and personal for the first time ever were these guys:


Silkworms! At first I thought it was some terrifying spiderweb, but it's actually silkworms. 


I took a video with my phone too:

Our State & Country flags:


And some cool old farm equipment:


There wasn't a lot to photograph that I hadn't already taken before so we decided to take turns taking photos of each other. Please excuse my hair. I had washed it and just put it up so it looks like crapola.




It was a really great way to spend a nice, warm afternoon. After that we went home, picked up Ash and got us some Subway for dinner then Starbucks! 

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  1. great photos nikki!! what a lovely time out :)


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