Friday, August 12, 2011

Weigh-in 09/08


So I lost 1.4lb (0.6kg) this week. And to be completely honest, I am a little disappointed with that. I was really expecting at least a 2lb loss and my scales at home were reflecting almost 3lb gone. So I was a little down about that.

I did however hit my  35lb loss and got my star at the meeting but I was still a little let down inside. I did have 1 bad day the week before and didn't go to my meeting but 13 out of the 14 days I was 100% on plan and I even exercised a bunch of times. And no, not enough to have caused muscle gain. And no it's not TOM.

But I will plod along and keep my head up and not let it get me down.

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  1. I hate when you put in the hard yards and its not reflected to the FULL of what you have done. nonetheless you are a star, and have come so far, not long to go now til you reach your goal :) xox


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