Monday, August 29, 2011

Well well

So I have been bad. Not crazy insane bad, but not good either.

I stopped tracking on Saturday and haven't since. That's 3 days without tracking. That is the longest I have gone without tracking since I joined back in January.

Naughty, naughty, naughty.

Saturday I could forgive myself for. I went out with friends and had a great time. Which is something I don't get to do often, a girls night full of laughter and fun. So I didn't care about the food and alcohol I consumed BUT I swore I would be back on track the next day. And I kind of was, but I didn't track and ended up eating really late because I had felt sick all afternoon and evening and couldn't eat.

Then today I just said Screw it and made really naughty roast potatoes to go with the chicken I cooked and I ate a tonne of them.

I have weigh-in tomorrow and I am not too stressed. I am about 95% sure I will have a gain. Now I am not happy about it at all. But shit happens. Life happens. Sometimes I can't be 100% perfect Miss Always Tracking.

But I am a little disappointed in myself. Which is good. I need to be otherwise it would be so easy not to get back on that wagon.

So hitch me up, I'm getting back on.


  1. this is probably about the point you used to think 'stuff it, ive undone all that hard work, im NEVER going to lose weight im going to just give up now' good on you for being aware of the reasons your scales will say whatever they say at the weigh in, and you can be back on track :) xox

  2. Oh yeah! I used to throw in the towel for much less than this!

    But there won't be any towel throwing from me, ever again!


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