Thursday, September 15, 2011

New jeans and stuff!

Summer is almost over and Autumn is on its way, with Winter at it's heels. Soon I will be donning jeans and boots and coats and scarves. When I thought about it, I realised I have NO jeans that fit me any more! I have a pair I bought a few weeks ago at Target on clearance but there is a good reason they were on clearance, they are not that nice. Not flattering at all. They kind of sag around my butt and don't have any shape.

So today Billy & I headed to Goodwill, just in hopes that there might be something there to hold me over until I got closer to goal. I hate spending money on "in-between clothes". Clothes that will only fit me for a short time. But sadly I tried on a bunch and even though I was happy to say most of the ones that fit were 10's (Aus 12-14) they were just not right. There wasn't really a lot to choose from that were even decent. I think women find good jeans and hang on to them forever! I know I would!

I did however find this very cute dress. It is a little small for me at the moment but next Summer it will fit me perfectly! I couldn't find a size on it but at a guess it's about an 8 Aus (10-12) roughly. I think it's so cute! Billy thought so too when he saw it.


Anyway, we had to pick up some stuff for dinner so I suggested we hit Walmart is it was like 1 block from where we were. Billy was hungry and wanted McDonald's so we went in there first and I ate 5 of his nuggets then left to go have a quick look at their jeans so a) I wouldn't eat any more and b) Billy didn't have to clothes shop with me! Lol!

I found a few pairs to try on and I found a pair I actually liked! I was shocked cause normally I don't really like Walmart Jeans. I used to get them from their when I was big but they were more for practicality over fashion.




Excuse the Batman shirt! Lol! It's actually a small mens t-shirt that I found on sale years ago and was never able to wear it until now and I was so happy to fit into it I wore it today! I am a nerd.

Anyway I really like these jeans. Although when I see my butt it tells me I really need to work on that and lift it up!


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