Saturday, October 29, 2011

Food Diary 27-28/10

27th October

Daily points allowance - 29 points


55g shaved Virginia Ham - 1 point
3/4 cup Quick eggs (whites only) - 2 points
1 tsp canola oil - 1 point
vegies - 0 points
Iced skinny latte - 2 points

Total - 6 points



1 x Whole wheat bagel thin - 3 points
2 tbs Better'n Peanut Butter - 2 points
14g honey - 1 point
1 x banana - 0 points

Total - 6 points



80g tilapia - 2 points
2 tsp canola oil - 2 points
TJ's Spiced soy beans - 4 points

Total - 8 points

No photo


1 x TJ's plain greek yogurt w/fibre - 2 points
14g honey - 1 point
apple - 0 points

Total - 3 points



1 hour Wii Fit Advanced Step - 3 activity points earned


TOTAL = 23 out of 29 points used
45 weekly remaining
5 activity points earned


I was so proud of myself for getting in an hour of exercise today! I am really wanting to try to do this almost every day. 

28th October

Daily points allowance - 29 points


1 serve TJ's steel cut oatmeal - 4 points
1/2 cup skim milk - 1 point
1 tbs pumpkin butter - 1 point
1 tbs pumpkin seeds - 2 points
pumpkin spice latte - 2 points

Total - 10 points




1 x can Heinz UK Baked beans - 6 points

Total - 6 points

no photo


1 x whole wheat bagel thin - 3 points
1 lean burger patty - 4 points
1 slice sharp cheddar - 2 points
2 tsp canola oil - 2 points
ketchup, pickles & onion - 0 points
salad - 0 points
2 tbs light ranch dressing - 2 points

Total - 13 points




grapes & orange - 0 points





TOTAL = 29 of 29 used
45 weekly remaining
5 activity points earned


I was exhausted today so I didn't exercise and I was starving all day. I didn't sleep well plus I had to get up early for the Fedex guy. Just a blah day. I stayed within my points though. But I was tempted to pig out!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Heads up

To those people who think that they can leave nasty comments anonymously on my blog. I have a hidden tracker on here that shows on a map your exact location. So I know who you are, ok.

Carry on.

Food Diary 26/10

OMG! Can it be? Am I actually posting a food diary??!

Yes it's true! Don't have a heart attack or anything ok?!

Daily points allowance - 29 points


1 serve Trader Joe's steel cut oatmeal - 4 points
1 x Iced coffee - 2 points (1 dairy serve)
1/2 cup skim milk - 1 point (1/2 dairy serve)
1 tbs pumpkin butter - 1 point
7g sliced almonds - 1 point

Total - 9 points



1 x whole wheat bagel thin - 3 points
25g avocado - 1 point
1 slice sharp cheddar - 2 points (2/3 dairy serve)
55g Virginia ham - 1 point
salad - 0 points

Total - 7 points




1 pack Trader Joe's Shrimp Stir-fry - 4 points
2 tsp canola oil - 2 points (2 oil serving)

Total - 6 points



1 x TJ's plain greek yogurt with fibre - 2 points
14g honey - 1 point
1 x apple - 0 points


1 x String cheese stick - 2 points

No photo


30 minutes Wii Fit Advanced Step - 2 activity points



TOTAL = 27 of 29 points used
42 weekly remaining
2 activity points earned


So I am trying really hard to post these again. I really think it helps me be more accountable with my food. Plus I know some people enjoy them (Hi Kate :D )

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Comparison photo

Weight loss comparison

This bag of dog food weighs 48lb. With Weight Watchers I have lost 45lb and 55lb in total. I cannot lift this bag up. BUT I was carrying that much extra weight on my body. It's no wonder I had heartburn all the time and my legs ached.

I feel so much better physically and mentally with the weight loss and I can't wait to reach my goal. I still have 16lb to get to my goal weight. But 16 is so little compared to 55.

Cassie decided she wanted a photo too. What's funny about her being in the top photo is that she weighs about 8lb. So her & the dog food equal almost exactly what I have lost in total.


Weigh-in 25/10


The receptionist at my meeting seems to think it's the 18th month.. hmmmm

ANYWAY! I lost exactly what I gained last week, which means technically I have lost 1.7lb this week! Because I switched out my light skirt for jeans and my jeans weighed 1/2 a pound more than my skirt did.

I am SO happy! I really thought I had gained again. My home scales are evil!

So yay me! Back to 45lb lost. Now to hit that 50lb mark and get myself another charm!


Monday, October 24, 2011

NSV 24/10

So 6 years ago I flew to the USA to meet Billy for the first time. I was nice and thin back then and I loved the way I looked. I bought some nice clothes with me in case we decided to go somewhere nice. Well the last night I was here we decided to dress up and go out for a really nice dinner.

Here is a photo of us all ready to head out:

Our last night

The dress is from Myer Miss Shop a fancy department store in Australia. Miss Shop is their juniors area. It's a Aus 12 which is equivilant to a US size 8 (juniors). The pink cardigan is from Portmans another Aussie clothing store. It's a medium.

Anyway last night I was going through my wardrobe again and thought "heck why not" and look at this:

Please excuse the crappy phone picture! How happy am I? STOKED!

I also fit into a bunch more stuff too.

*happy dance*

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quote #1

Source: via Nikki on Pinterest

When I first saw this quote I actually nodded my head enthusiastically. There are a few people this applies to in my life. People who have screwed me over big time. I have let go and moved on. But there is no way in hell I will let them back into my life and I don't think I could ever trust them again. 

Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting.

Sunday 23/10

So I have discovered another time waster. Pinterest. WOW! I had heard people talk about it but I didn't really know what it was all about and then I decided to finally check it out and man it's addictive.

I am able to lump recipes, fashion, beauty tips, decorating ideas and inspiration all together in the one place. It's wonderful.

I have found some really great inspirational quotes on there too and I have decided to start posting one a day on here.

I apologise for my absence on here. Lately I have been feeling a bit blah on the whole blogging/internet thing. But hopefully I am out of my funk and should be posting more often again.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weigh-in 18/10


There it is! A gain! I knew it was going to happen! 

I weighed both of my weigh-in outfits and the difference was 222g, which is almost exactly 1/2 a pound. So technically I only gained 0.7lb. And this is only the 5th gain in over 40 weeks which is pretty frikken awesome if you ask me.

So I am back on track this week and hoping I can fix this little bump in the road.

Wish me luck!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Taking one for the team

If by team I mean me!

This week I have been on plan BUT I have used a lot of my weeklies, which is not usual for me. Plus I have not done an ounce of exercise and it's also THAT time of the month.

So I am about 99.99999% sure I am going to have a gain at weigh-in tomorrow. I say this a lot and am usually proven wrong. In fact in the 40 weeks I have been on WW, I have had 4 gains and 3 of them have been insignificant amounts.

But I am pretty darn sure about this one. So I am using it to my advantage. It's getting cooler here and sooner or later it's going to be too cold to wear my usual weigh in outfit which is this:

Also the skirt is getting REALLY loose so it's time I switched my weigh in outfit to a cooler weather one. So I will be wearing jeans and a t-shirt tomorrow and when it gets really cold I will layer it with a jacket etc.

I weighed both outfits and get this, my current on weighed 333g and my new one weighs 555g. A difference of 222g. How weird is that! Triple digits all round! So on the scales its a difference of 0.5 pound. So if I gain any more than half a pound that's all me. But I am hoping it's mainly TOM bloat and next week will be a loss.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Food Diaries 11 & 12th Oct

So I have slacked off again with posting these, but I have been tracking every day and taking photos. Just not blogging. But I am posting the past few days food diaries to catch up. Also I am not counting calories at the moment.

Tuesday 11th Oct - Start of new week

Daily points allowance - 29 points


1 x WW Snack bar - 3 points

no photo


1 x Starbucks Venti Pumpkin Spice latte - 13 points 


1 x Starbucks Spinach, Feta & Egg white wrap - 7 points 


Total - 20 points


1 x Foldit bread - 2 points
1 x Jennie-O Extra Lean turkey patty - 3 points
1 slice sharp cheddar - 2 points
ketchup, pickles & onion - 0 points

Total - 7 points



130g Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls Ice Cream - 10 points
28g Le Petite Creme cheese - 3 points
8 social crackers - 3 points

Total - 16 points




TOTAL = 46 points used
32 weekly remaining
0 activity points earned


Wow! That's a lot of points! But I have all my weeklies to use and today I just was really hungry. The 13 point latte didn't help matters. The latte I normally get is 3 points! haha soooo I need to cut back on these ones. But they are soooo good!

Wednesday 12th October

Daily points allowance - 29 points
Daily calorie allowance - 1300 calories


1 x serve TJ's steel cut oatmeal - 4 points
1 cup skim milk - 2 points (1/4 used in tea, rest on oatmeal)
10g sliced almonds - 2 points
15g dried cranberries - 1 point

Total - 9 points



1 x Foldit bread - 2 points
1 slice sharp cheddar - 2 points
55g smoked shaved ham - 1 point
tomato & onion - 0 points


salad vegies - 0 points
2 tbs Thai peanut dressing - 1 point


Total - 6 points


110g chicken tenderloin - 3 points
1 tsp canola oil - 1 point
broccoli & brussel sprouts - 0 points

Total - 4 points



1 x Pumpkin muffin - 4 points


1 x Fiber One brownie - 2 points

Total - 6 points



TOTAL = 25 points used
32 weekly remaining
0 activity points earned


A better day today! I did want to try to get some exercise in today to help balance out yesterday but it didn't happen. I just have no motivation to exercise. I know soon I am going to have to. I have been lucky enough to lose over 50lb just with diet alone but it's going to get to a point where that isn't enough. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Questions galore!

I found this on a random blog so I thought it was about time I did one again.

1.  Is there someone in your life you know you’d be better off without?
Well usually if I feel that way about a person I usually remove them from my life. Although some people will never be completely removed unfortunately. Life is too short to waste time on certain people.

2. Do you get criticized because of your body?
I have in the past. I used to weight a lot more and my ex was notorious for making me feel awful about my weight. I haven't really had anything said about it recently though.

3.   How much did you weigh when you were born?
You know I can't remember! I will have to ask my mum next time I talk to her!

4.  Did you kiss the last person you called?
It was my husband so yes!

5.  When was the last time you danced?
I dance around the house all the time. So within the last few days I guess.

6.  When was the last time you jumped on a trampoline?
Wow! Years ago! It messes with my neck so I avoid it.

7. Do you keep in mind other people’s feelings?
All the time. But sometimes people's feelings will still be hurt, no matter what you do.

8. Are any of your friends pregnant?
Not that I know of.

9. If you have a hang nail, do you pull it or clip it?
Clip it.

10.  Who do you want to forget?
No one. Remembering the past is how we learn to make better choices in the future.

11.   Who was the last person to send you a letter?
Ashley's grandmother I think.

12.   How much money is in your wallet?
 $3 my winnings from Bunco! Lol!

13. When’s the last time you did laundry?
2 nights ago, am about to do some here in a bit.

14.  How far have you gotten with the book you are reading?
Almost done. It was a long one!

15.   Who did you last tell to shut up?
The dogs!

16.   What’s the last thing that you smelt that smelt bad?
Dead skunk.

17.   What’s your favourite book at the moment?
A Dance with Dragons

18.   What’s your favourite cereal?
Steel cut oats! Yum!

19.   How do you feel when people lead you on, but they don’t even like you?
I would love to know why they even bother. Why pretend to like someone? What's the point?

20.  Could you live without sunlight?
No way!

21.   What’s something you know is bad, but you want to do it anyway?
Drink diet soda! Lol!

22.  What was the last thing you lied about?
Hmm that's a tough one. I rarely lie. Oh I did tell a sales call person that I would call them back! hahahaha

23.  Who is your number two on speed dial?
I don't have speed dial.

24.  Do you regret anything you’ve done in the past week?
The food I have eaten!

25.  What was the last movie you bought?
Avatar I think. It's been a while.

26.  What is a sport you would like to do?
Running. I really want to train for a 5k. But I need a medical first and good shoes.

27.  When was the last time you felt like crying?
Sometime this week when I realised how bad I have been eating.

28.  Have you ever wanted to kill someone?

29.  What was the last song you listened to that wasn’t sung in English?
99 Luft Balloons.

30.  What did you last draw?
I doodle all the time, but I can't draw for anything!

31.   What TV show would you like to be on?
Doctor Who.

32.  If you could choose a Pokemon, who would you pick?

33.  Is Chuck Norris really as great as he seems?
That is a stupid question. He is better.

34.  What was the last video game you played?

35.  Have you ever been in a musical?

36.  Do you follow your own style or everyone else’s?
A bit of both. I get inspiration from other people then make it my own.

37.  What’s the last store you bought from?

38.  Do people use you a lot?
They have. I don't allow it anymore.

39.  What are you doing two days from now?
Going to my Weight Watchers meeting.

40. Are there any teachers at your school that dislike you?
I don't go to school but my Japanese teacher didn't like me because I reported her for accusing me of being a slut because I had boys as friends!

41.  Did you ever believe there were monsters in your closet?
There still ARE monsters in there!

42. Do you let random people sign your yearbook?
They don't have yearbooks in Australia.

43.   Would you adopt a child that had a mental illness?
Of course.

44. Does thinking about death scare you?

45.  If you died, would you go to Heaven or Hell?

46.  Do you lick envelopes or tape them shut?
I bet the ones that are adhesive. I hate licking them!

47.  Do you care what people say or think about you?
Depends on the people. If they are people I care about, then yes I do care. But if they are haters who are just jealous, I pity them, but I couldn't give a rats ass what they think of me.

48.  Have you ever had surgery?
Dental surgery yes.

49.  Have you ever been threatened?
Yeah. A few times.

50.Which side of your family do you get most of your qualities from?
 I only know my mother so it's hard to say.

51.   What was the last thing you drank?
Iced coffee

52.  Have you ever kept a relationship a secret?

53.  How much do you weigh?
156.4lb / 71.1kg

54.  How much do you want to weigh?
Ultimately 135lb / 61kg but I would be happy with anything around 140lb

55.  What street do you live on?
Ah now that's too much information

56.  What is a quote that you love?
"Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny."

57.  Do you think of pure hate as human created?
I think only humans can hate. Animals go by instinct.

58.  When was the last time you wanted to scream?
Probably the last time I was PMSing!

59.  Would you give a million dollars to charity if you had two million?
No frikken way!

60.  Do you see the world in black and white?
Nope. There are many shades of grey in between.

61.   Do you think cell phones can cause cancer?
Everything causes Cancer. We are all going to die.

62.  Where does the rainbow end?
It doesn't.

63.  Something you never want to do again is what?
Be fat.

64.  When was the first time you realized the world was small?
When we moved across the country (Australia) and I bumped into someone I went to school with.

65.  Do you spend a lot of time contemplating life’s mysteries?
Not really

66.  Ever discuss your political beliefs with people?
Yes, but only specific people.

67.  Do you care about the environment?
Yes but I am not a fanatic.

68.  What’s your motto for life?
Live my life the way I want and bugger everyone else!

69.  Is progress destroying the beauty of the world?
In some ways yes.

70.  Do you believe there is life somewhere else in the universe?
I would be a complete moron to say no.

71.   Would you like to rule a country?
No way in hell!

72.  Do you believe everything has a purpose?
Yes, even Snuggies.

73.  Is war ever for the best?
Sometimes it is inevitably. Not for the best though. It never is.

74.  Could you kill anyone?
In self defense or to protect my family yes. Or if they annoyed me enough.

75.  Do you believe global warming is really our fault?
Global warming was happening before there were humans on the Earth so I am not entirely convinced that it's only us making it happen.

76.  Does love conquer all?
It helps!

77.  Is euthanasia morally acceptable?
I think if someone wants to end their suffering they should be able to.

78.  Is world peace impossible?
While there are still human beings on the planet, yes.

79.  Is pride a good or a bad thing?
It is good to feel pride, it's bad to parade it around.

80.  What is the purpose of life?
To love and be loved.

81.   Do you believe in karma?
Heck yes!

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