Friday, October 7, 2011

Date night

Billy had Wednesday night off and we had a Groupon for Tsunami's so we decided to have a date night.

I had recently fit into a really nice dress and had my hair coloured so I wanted to get all dressed up and use my hair curler. After a bit of a breakdown having shoe issues and hair issues I got it all under control (thanks to my friends talking me down and helping me with fashion advice). 

Here are some photos Billy took of me before we headed out:




That last photo isn't the most flattering one, I wasn't standing up straight but it's the only one Billy took that wasn't all blurry! I swear his hands shake so badly when he is holding a camera!

I felt so pretty all night! And Billy kept telling me how good I looked so that made me feel even better!

I am also loving my hair now. At first I was not sure about it. But now especially with my curling wand I am going to have fun playing with it more!


  1. you look so seductive and sexy!!!! xox

  2. you look absolutely amazing nikki xoxox


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