Monday, October 24, 2011

NSV 24/10

So 6 years ago I flew to the USA to meet Billy for the first time. I was nice and thin back then and I loved the way I looked. I bought some nice clothes with me in case we decided to go somewhere nice. Well the last night I was here we decided to dress up and go out for a really nice dinner.

Here is a photo of us all ready to head out:

Our last night

The dress is from Myer Miss Shop a fancy department store in Australia. Miss Shop is their juniors area. It's a Aus 12 which is equivilant to a US size 8 (juniors). The pink cardigan is from Portmans another Aussie clothing store. It's a medium.

Anyway last night I was going through my wardrobe again and thought "heck why not" and look at this:

Please excuse the crappy phone picture! How happy am I? STOKED!

I also fit into a bunch more stuff too.

*happy dance*

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  1. omg! it is like a trip through time!! if no one knew about this remarkable weightloss journey you have been on they would think you haven't changed one bit xo


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