Monday, October 3, 2011


I have had some pretty awesome Non Scale Victories this week.

The first one. We went to a thrift store the other day and I wanted to have a look at their jeans as they sometimes have new stuff. Well I found a pair of Jessica Simpson jeans in a size 8. Now this particular store doesn't have dressing rooms, but seeming I only just fit into a pair of 10's a few weeks ago I was fairly certain they would be too small for me. But they were only $5 and Billy told me to buy them. He said I would fit into them soon enough.

So I got them and when we came home I thought, heck I will just try them on. And you know what! They FIT! Crazy! Those of you in Australia, size 8's here are about a 10/12 there. So happy!

Then I tried on a bunch of my skinny clothes from Australia and I fit into probably 75% of them! And some things are too big now. Which is a little sad as they were brand new! I never got to wear them! Oh well! Lol! Most of the things I could wear were size 10 & 12's (Australian sizes)

Then yesterday I had to finally get a new bra so we went to Lane Bryant which is a plus size store but they also sell really great bras for the well endowed lady *ahem*. So I got fitted and I have gone from a size 40DDD to a 38DD. Pretty happy about that!


Once I had chosen which ones I want the lady goes "Was there anything else you were after or did you want to have a browse. No wait, none of our clothes would fit you, you are too small!"

How awesome is that! I was grinning like an idiot when I walked out of there!

Those kinds of things make me feel so good, especially after the small numbers I have been getting here lately.

But I have high hopes for this weeks weigh-in. I would LOVE to hit 45lb lost tomorrow. But I would need to have lost 2.4lb this week. That's a lot at this stage of the game.

Let's see.

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