Monday, November 14, 2011

Bad week

This week started off really well. My scales here at home were showing I was going to have another loss. But then mother nature showed up and just blew up in my face.

Every month it's getting worse. The pain, the mood swings, the lethargy etc. I seriously felt like crap from Thursday and I still do, now Monday night. I have been exhausted all day. I haven't had the energy to cook good, healthy meals. I have been eating absolute crap and a lot of it.

The scales are up here at home by about 5lbs. It's disgusting. I am so angry at myself.

I have my Weight Watchers meeting in the morning and I am so tempted not to go. I also might not even be able to go as Billy is working tonight and their holiday schedule starts this week which means much longer nights for them.

In a way I am hoping I can't go. But I also am the first to tell people not to skip a meeting just because they have a bad week.

I am so torn. This is one of the worst stumbles I have had in the past 11 months on program. I feel physically ill from all the crap I have eaten plus the guilt from doing it.

Other things have also happened, like having to spend a bunch of money we didn't have to spare on the car and other crap that just seemed to pile up on me.

Thank god for Billy. He is so supportive and I am so lucky I have him.

Anyway. I just hope I can get out of this rut and get back on the wagon.


  1. First all of: HUGS!!!!

    Everyone has a bad week sometimes. It's kinda like a snowball effect...on thing leads to another. PMS leads to bad moods. Throw in unexpected expenses on top of PMS and "HELLO! Nice to meet you Mrs. I eat my feelings." Then we add guilt into the mix...

    Honey, we have ALL been there. It's okay. The thing is, once you realize where you are, to get up and dust yourself off, and get back on the horse.

    It's not fun or easy. But once you do it, you'll better.

    Don't be too hard on yourself sweetie. Like I said, we've all been there. It's okay. I know you'll get yourself out of this funk and use it to empower yourself b/c that is the kind of person you are.

    In the mean time, no how bad you feel about yourself or circumstances right now, remember your great son, wonderful husband, and all your friends who care about you. Life isn't all bad. ;)


  2. Have I mentioned to you that going gluten-free totally eliminated my cramps and PMS? It is CRAZY. All my friends who are GF agree with me. If I have ANY bit of contamination from gluten during the month though, I will have horrible cramps my next cycle. You might want to try it for a month and see if it helps you too. You have to change your cutting boards and be really careful with all of your grains (especially oats) and cut: Wheat (including Kamut,) Rye, and Barley. Udi's bread is the best if you just "have" to have bread. (hugs)

  3. I honestly couldn't do it. There is no way I could live without certain foods. If it was making me really sick, then I would try. But I just couldn't do it at this time.

    I know what is causing these issues, it's the fibroids I have. We just can't afford to do anything about them, so I have to put up with them.


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