Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dinner Date

We had already planned on going out to dinner at Tsunami's last night but then it turned into a celebration dinner as well as a date night! Hitting my 50lb loss kept me in high spirits all day!

I took my time and made my hair all pretty with my curling wand, sadly no photos though as it was dark by the time I was ready (darn winter!) so Billy couldn't get a good photo inside. But trust me when I say it looked awesome! 

I also got to wear my new black boots. They are these ones from Kohls:

With my skinny jeans of course! Billy kept telling me how good I looked and he made me feel so good! 

I got my favourite sushi from there, Dragon roll -crab, avocado, topped w/ baked eel. SO YUMMY!


Then we went on a mission to find my favourite diet soda. Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash:

Excuse the crap photo, taken with my phone in October when I first found it this year.

Anyway last night we went to 3 Target's, a Walmart and a Food Lion looking for it and all the Target's were sold out, the Walmart & Food Lion didn't even stock it.

We went to Target because they were on Sale for $3 a 12 pack, which is a good price. Annoyed they were all sold out. GRRRRR!!

Apart from that though we had a great night and it was fun driving all over the place!

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