Thursday, November 10, 2011


If you have come on here because you have found yourself suddenly removed from my Facebook, I am sorry but I have removed a bunch of people due to the actions of a few or one.

I was informed that someone(s) was basically making up shit and telling people I was posting stuff about them on my Facebook. Which was a complete lie.

So I removed anyone I thought could possibly be these backstabbing twofaced liars. If you are not the guilty party then I am sorry. The informer did not identify the troublemakers, which I knew she wouldn't. Because they are obviously her friends. Nice friends you have there.

I am so sick of this BS. This is why I removed these people from my life to begin with. I was sick of their high school BS. I was sick of hearing things they were saying to me. And I actually had reliable sources. Like their children for a start.

Anyway I never did anything to these people except remove them from my life. That is all I did. I didn't want to associate with the type of people who lied to my face repeatedly. Who would back stab me then be nice as pie to my face. Sorry, not interested.

But of course they FLIPPED out because I removed them, even though they never really liked me in the first place, explain that! They are the ones who have called me names, make hateful facebook profiles about me. Called me trash on FB, threatened me with physical harm.

Yet I didn't do anything to them.

So again. If you aren't guilty of any of this. I am sorry but I am so over this BS and not knowing who I can trust I have to do what I have to do.


  1. for fucks sake what is wrong with these idiots? honestly, don't they have anything better to do? i don't even know what is going on but i am so angry for you because you are the sweetest person i have had the pleasure of knowing. i only wish i wasn't in australia so i could come and give you hugs and tell them to fuck off with you.

    love love. xoxox.

    people are so fucking childish, by the way. we are all grown adults, you would think that shit wouldn't happen. but i guess some people never grow up do they?


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