Monday, November 7, 2011

Food Diary 07/11

Daily points allowance - 29 points


2 x Boiled eggs - 4 points
1 x Iced Latte (Soy milk) - 2 points
1 x banana - 0 points

Total - 6 points

Breakfast 07/11


1 can UK Baked Beans - 6 points


95g chicken breast (marinated in TJ's Teriyaki Marinade) - 3 points
1 tsp canola oil - 1 point
1 serve Harvest Grain Salad - 3 points 
salad - 0 points

Total - 7 points

Dinner 07/11


15g almonds - 2 points



TOTAL = 21 out of 28 points used
# weekly remaining
# activity points earned


I was all ready to go work out at the Y today but the cheap crappy shoes we bought for me ages ago are just not going to cut it. My feet hurt after wearing them for 5 minutes. So I am going to have to put off going until I can get some gym shoes. Major suckage!!!!

Weigh in tomorrow and I am expecting a loss!

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