Monday, November 7, 2011

Heaven... in my mouth!


We were doing our usual Trader Joe's shop last week and started noticing all the scrummy sounding Christmas candy they had started putting out. These in particular caught my eye. A TJ's staff member happened to notice me drooling all over the place and came over to us and opened a box right there so we could try one.


OH MY GOD! I died. They are SO GOOD! Seriously the BEST dark chocolate, sea salt & caramel I have EVER had. HANDS DOWN!

So this box we bought has been sitting in the fridge all week and I had completely forgotten about it! 

Until tonight when I had 8 points left and wanted something decadent. So I had 1. Only 2 points each. Not bad considering how good they are.




  1. what fantastic service and they look awesome nikki!! wish we had the amount of great stuff you guys have over there here!! good luck for tomorrow and loved reading the food diary!! xox

  2. That's one of the reasons we love TJ's so much! Everyone is SO friendly! They remember us too. They come up and talk to you but are so not pushy or anything. I love it!


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