Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How exciting!

So I got a message on YouTube a few months ago regarding the video I made about Billy & me and how me met etc. It was a lady from That's Life magazine in Australia and they were interested in printing our story.

I replied to her and told her I would love that. Well I never heard back so I kind of forgot about it. Well last week I got an email from their photo editor asking for photos of us from the years for an article they are doing about us. I was like WOAH! Then I got an email from the journalist asking if she could call me and interview me for the story. I was like SURE!

So I just got off the phone (1.5 hour call) to her and even she was ooohhing and ahhing over our story! It was so much fun!

They are saying it will appear in the issue that will come out on 25th December. Sooo exciting!


  1. oh my god awesome. i will buy it for sure... i am sure you already have it teed up but if you need copies lemme know, i can send them over.

  2. will keep an eye out for it ;)


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