Thursday, November 10, 2011

Never gunna give you up!

When people want to lose weight, a lot the time they think they have to give up all the foods they love.

This is so not true. I haven't given up many things. We do eat out a lot less but I still enjoy food I ate before Weight Watchers.

Here are some foods that I would never give up.


I LOVE bacon and I doubt I could ever give it up. Now I buy center cut bacon because it's lower in calories than regular bacon. I also cut down on the amount I have. You don't really need a lot of bacon to enjoy it. I find just 2-3 rashers satisfy me.

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Oh man! Chocolate is like the best thing ever invented. Seriously. I can't believe there are people in the world who don't like it! Crazy! For the longest time I only ever ate milk or white chocolate, thinking dark chocolate was too bitter. Now I prefer dark chocolate. But it has to be good quality. And if you have good quality, you don't need a lot to enjoy it. My favourite combination is dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel. The chocolates pictured above are from Trader Joe's and they only have them around the holiday season. They are SO GOOD!

Glitter / Brillo

I have never been a big drinker, yet occasionally I enjoy a nice glass of wine. Maybe once or twice a month I will plan to have one after dinner with the hubby while we watch a movie or something. It's always a nice treat.

Delicious Cheese

OMG! Cheese is one of my red light foods if I allow it to be. BUT I have found I am able to control myself when I have really good quality cheese. I have found a delicious cheese at Trader Joe's:


It is from France and it's the best cheese I have ever eaten! And I only need a very small amount as it is quite rich and creamy! YUM!

I am sure there are more foods that I could list but those are the ones I can think of at the moment.

**Photos taken from Flickr are all Creative Commons Licensed**

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