Monday, November 14, 2011

A Reminder

So I have been feeling a bit down the past few days. Well a lot down really. Feeling really pressured with the whole weight loss thing. Almost suffocating. I kind of went a little crazy with food since Friday and I am pretty sure I have gained a few pounds.

I have had that time of the month and just been exhausted. Physically and emotionally. Everything at home is fine. I just thing that constant pressure of watching what I eat etc has taken it's toll. I mean I have been doing this non-stop for almost a year. I think this was bound to happen.

I posted on the WW message boards and of course my awesome peeps on there helped me see the light and one of them suggested I write a list of all the good things I have accomplished to help me get back on track. So here goes.

1. I have lost, in total, 57lb. That's HUGE!
2. I fit into almost all my skinny clothes.
3. I fit into a pair of SKINNY JEANS!
4. My husband can't keep his hands off me. I mean he never had a problem before, but now he is like a crazy man! Which is great!
5. I feel better. I haven't had heartburn in months. I haven't gotten sick in months. No migraines.
6. I look good.
7. I can buy clothes from the juniors section.
8. I can do up knee high boots and have room for jeans to tuck into them.
9. Tying up my shoes doesn't hurt my stomach anymore.
10. I get checked out ALL the time!

That really did help! I am hoping I get to go to my meeting in the morning. I know there will be a gain. But I can deal with it. That number doesn't define me. It doesn't undo all that I have done in 11 months. It's just a tiny pebble on this long road. And pebbles can be picked up and thrown away.

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