Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wardrobe Share #1

Since I am fitting into all my nice clothes now I have decided I will share photos of me all dressed up each week.

This week my wonderful mother sent me some money as a reward for my fantastic weight loss so I could buy a nice pair of boots.

So Billy took me to DSW and I found these GORGEOUS leather Ralph Lauren boots:


I really need some skinny jeans to wear them with but we have to wait. But I decided to play around with my straight leg jeans just to see what they looked like. Here is a crappy cell phone photo:

Thursday night I had Bunco with an awesome group of ladies that I am lucky to call my friends and decided to wear a top that I bought back in Australia and I have loved it so much but never fit into it. Well now it fits perfectly.

Today we had to do some shopping and I had woken up pretty early so I thought I would dress up nice and wear my boots out, even if I didn't have the right jeans to wear with them. Here is another top I fit into that I had never worn before.

While we were out Billy told me I could buy the skinny jeans I had tried on the other day. But sadly the size I needed was gone. So tomorrow we are going to another store to see if they have them. Fingers crossed!

He is so awesome! I love him so much! I think he is enjoying this new me just as much as I am. I am so much more confident. And I love dressing up now. I used to hate it because I always felt so ugly. Now I feel so pretty all the time!

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