Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wardrobe Share #2

I haven't done one of these as I haven't really had anything new to share. However this week I got a couple of new items.

First of all, many of my friends will know I had a rather interesting time trying to find something to wear on Thanksgiving. I finally found something and I love it! It was also perfect for Thursday's weather. It wasn't too hot or too cold.

We went to Kohls and got a store card from there, specifically so I could get some nice clothes. We made a deal that it can only have $100 on it at one time and must be paid off before anything else gets put on it. For my Aussie friends Kohls is a little less fancier than Myer but fancier than Target. They have some really nice stuff and good deals.

I had an idea in my head of what I wanted. First I wanted a good pair of skinny jeans. I tried on nearly every pair in that store and finally found a pair from Apt 9. They are a bit long as I couldn't find my size in a short length. US size 8, Australian size 10-12. Those I got on the first day. It took me a couple more days to find the top. We had to go to another Kohls to find it but luckily it was the first thing I saw and tried on. Billy loved it and told me I had to get it. Cool thing is it was in the Juniors section! Link here

I wore them with my new boots of course:

Thanksgiving outfit

Friday we went to Trader Joe's, we didn't go on Tuesday due to Thanksgiving etc. On the way we stopped into Target around 1pm thinking the Black Friday craziness would have subsided. It was still pretty busy inside but nothing crazy. We did a quick scan through the clothes and I happened upon a faux leather bomber jacket I had been eyeing off for a couple of weeks. For $15!!!!! Normally $35. SCORE!

So I got it and wore it out yesterday when we went to the Holiday Farmers Market and grocery shopping.

Saturday outfit

It's my favourite piece of clothing right now! I love it!

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  1. I LOVE this jacket look. ITs classic, and clean, and simple, and perfect for the weather pretty much any time of the year- GREAT choice


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