Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weigh-in 29/11



I did it! Right on the dot! I couldn't believe it! Well I kind of knew it was going to be close. My scales at home were reflecting a 3.4lb loss and they are usually pretty accurate. It's funny because when Sharon (the receptionist at my meeting) was writing down my weight (we can't see the scale readout) I thought for a minute I hadn't reached it because it looked like she wrote 151.8, but her 0's look like 8's! lol!

I yelled out WOOOHOOO! And everyone in my meeting wanted to know what happened and when I told them they all cheered for me! I was wonderful! I got my 50lb charm for my keyring and another magnet.

This is a huge milestone. I was hoping I would hit it before Christmas and I did it way ahead of time!

I will post a photo of my charm a little later. Billy is taking me out to Tsunami's for sushi tonight! So excited!

So as you can imagine I am in an EXCELLENT mood today!

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