Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ending on a high note

So right now I should be heading to my Weight Watchers meeting. But I'm not. Now I am the first person to tell people not to skip meetings but this time I have a good reason. Well a couple actually. The first one is there is a thunderstorm out there and it's pouring with rain and kind of dangerous to drive in. Secondly I woke up feeling like absolute crud. But the main reason is that I know I have gained. Now normally a gain wouldn't stop me from going. BUT this is the last weigh in for the year and I really don't want to end this year with a + sign in my weight tracker. Also I would like to keep that 50lb, at least for 2011.

So I'm not going. No I am not giving up or quitting. I am on track as always and focused on the plan. I just wanted a break this week. I wanted to end the year on a high note.

Next week I will begin the year with a - sign!

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