Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Obsessed with fashion!

Ever since I got to a size US 10 (Australian 12-14) I have really been a lot more conscious of clothes and fashion. There were so many looks and trends I had always wanted to try but was either not confident enough or really couldn't due to my size. I am now a US 8 (Australian 10-12).

I also thought for a short time that maybe I was getting too old to be fashionable. I will be turning 36 next year and I was starting to convince myself I was too old to care. But then I think about my sister who is 40 and rocks the fashion world! Also you look at some of the 50+ year old starlets out there and they are still looking fantastic in their skinny jeans.

So I have become OBSESSED with clothes and shoes now. But it's actually getting a little depressing. I want to keep buying stuff. But of course we can't afford for me to continue buying new clothes. Pinterest isn't helping things. I keep finding cute looks and items I want.

I really need to get my butt into gear and find a way to make some moula!!

A couple of things that I am really loving at the moment:

Skinny Jeans. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would ever be able to wear them. And now I wear them almost every day! I need more pairs of them! I honestly don't think I will ever wear anything other than skinny jeans now!

Riding boots. Something that goes really well with the skinny jeans. I used to have trouble getting boots to fit over my calves. But now! Oh the choices are endless! I am loving boots!

Layers. Winter is so great because it allows for layers and then you can take them off when you get inside. I am loving be able to wear my trench coat that I bought in Australia and never gotten to wear until now! So happy!

I pretty much dress up anytime we leave the house now, which makes me feel much more confident in myself, but it does make me realise I need/want more clothes!

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