Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wardrobe share #3

So since the first day I started shopping at Kohls for my Thanksgiving outfit I have been eyeing off a couple of pieces from the Lauren Conrad collection. It's just so pretty and girly. Totally my style! Anyway there was a pink blazer that I had tried on and loved but it just wasn't practical. Also it was $70. Well when we signed up for the Kohls card they sent us a bunch of % off coupons and one of them was for 30% off. Plus we also got a $10 off coupon too. I put them aside just in case I found something I liked. Well the other day the blazer went on sale for $28. With the $10 & 30% off coupons it went down to like $12. A $70 blazer for $12... NICE!

Funny thing is when I tried on and showed Billy he said "Buy it!" before he even knew the price! He loves it!

THEN when I got the boots mum sent the money for at DSW I joined their rewards program and just with that purchase I earned a $10 gift certificate. Then I get an email from the saying they were also giving $5 off and FREE shipping for a short time. I had been eyeing off these boots which were $49.95 (They are now $59.95 which is strange) so with the $15 in gift certificates and free shipping I got them for $35! And I love them!!!

Funny thing is I think they were priced wrong online because I went into the store to try them on so I could order the correct size and in store they were $59.95 so I told Billy I would totally get them from the website because they were $10 cheaper on there. But now they are $59.95 online. So I scored even more!

And here I am with my new blazer and new boots!

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