Friday, February 3, 2012

365 Week 1

Well I did it! I restarted my 365 for this year, starting Jan 1st and I haven't miss a day yet. I meant to post each week about it but I kept forgetting so I will catch up with January a week at a time and try to space them out a little. 

Past years I have played along with a couple of different theme groups on Flickr and this year I decided to join We're Here. Basically the members of the group have a day where they choose another group with a specific theme and we all then capture our take on the them in our photos. Not everyone does this for their 365 project or does self portraits, but that's the way I do it. So here is my Week 1 of 2012.

Day 1


This was to be the first photo taken in 2012. Technically it was the second as I had to test the lighting BUT it was the first one with me in it. So it works! I used my tripod and remote and we went out on the deck with our Christmas lights just after the ball dropped so it was technically 2012. 

Day 2


No theme for this one. I can't even remember what the them was supposed to be but I know I didn't play that day. Just took a quick shot of me, sans make-up. 

Day 3


Today's theme was Numbers. I thought this was quite fitting due to my recent weight loss. I took this in the afternoon after eating so it wasn't a true reflection of my weight but it worked for the theme.

Day 4

04/366 - I love to read!

This day's theme was "I Love To Read" and I had to play! I had recently gotten into the Millennium book series (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo etc) and was thoroughly enjoying it so I enjoyed doing this one.

Day 5

Day 5

Another day when I didn't play the theme. I just took this really close to midnight because I had forgotten to take one all day. I do like it though.

Day 6


I woke up feeling sick that day so that's all I could manage.

Day 7


The We're Here theme was "Stuff on Your Head" and it couldn't be the normal stuff like a hat etc. So I used one of my teddy bears. I think it's cute.

So there is my first week. Hope you enjoyed them and will check out the rest when I post them!

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