Friday, February 3, 2012

365 Week 2

Ok so here is week 2! Enjoy!

Day 8

08/365 - Someone sleeping

The theme was "Someone sleeping" and this was actually not planned. Billy dozed off on the sofa while I was making dinner so I quickly set up the camera and jumped in the shot and clicked away with the remote.

Day 9

09/365 - Hair Police

I didn't play the theme today but I do like this one. I had to do my hair and I was looking at the front of the hair dryer and thought it would look neat as the focus of a photo.

Day 10


Another themeless photo. But I do like it. I am still really critical of myself in photos and find it hard to like photos of me. 

Day 11

11/365 - Darkness

Another one without any real theme. I just came up with it on the spot.

Day 12


The theme today was Adorkable but this isn't the shot I actually used for the theme. This was a out take but I really liked it so I used it for my 365.

Day 13


No theme again, I just liked how I looked that day so I snapped a couple of shots outside.

Day 14

14/365 - Saturday Sun

Theme for this day was Saturday Sun. Pretty self explanatory. 

So there is my second week. I am having fun with it and hope I stick it out!

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