Saturday, February 4, 2012

365 Week 3

Ok so here is week 3!

Day 15

15/365 - Kitties!

No theme today. I just put on my kitty socks and took some shots and managed to get the real kitty in one so I used it.

Day 16

16/365 - Minimalist

The theme today was "Minimalist Monday" so I wanted to do something simple yet pretty. I thought this worked really well.

Day 17

17/365 - Bright & Colourful

Theme for today was "Bright & colourful" so we were in Target and I grabbed a bunch of flowers and took a couple of photos. Then a staff member came running over to us and told us off for taking photos in the store. I was kind of annoyed because we spend quite a bit of money there each week and they get all narky at us for taking photos. Oh well.

Day 18

18/365 - Drama!

Theme for today was "Drama". First thing I thought of was Facebook. Man have I had my share of drama on there. Thankfully, not recently.

Day 19

19/365 - Decorative Lampshade

Today's theme was Decorative Lampshades. So I decided to use one as a hat!

Day 20

20/365 - String!

Today's theme was "String". I love this one!

Day 21

21/365 - I usually like Winter except when it rains. I hate rain when it's cold. It's miserable and I just want to stay inside all day. Not like snow. Snow is fun to play in

Today's theme was "Photos with unreasonably long titles" So really it could have been anything. I was in the shower washing my hair thinking "It's a good thing it's raining, I won't have to do my hair." and this shot came to me. So I set my camera up on the tripod right at the door and I stood on the deck in my towel in the rain and took a bunch of shots. It was cold and uncomfortable!

So there is Week 3!

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