Monday, February 27, 2012

365 Week 7

Day 43:

43/365 - Let's levitate!

Today's theme was "Let's Levitate". This was fun to do and I got to play with Photoshop for more than the tiny things I usually do with it.

Day 44:

44/365 - Medusa

Today's theme was "Mythology" and because the letter was also "M" I went with Medusa. We went out to try to find some rubber snakes for my hair but everywhere we went didn't have them. We managed to find these little ones and made do. I also burnt myself on the forehead when I was curling my hair for the shot too. Luckily a snake hid the burn!

Day 45:

45/365 - No Valentines!

Today's theme was "No Valentines!". So Billy and I had fun with this as we are TOTALLY Valentine's day people!

Day 46:

46/365 - SOOC

I didn't do the theme of the day today, just no time.

Day 47:

47/365 - Shel Silverstein

Today's theme was Shel Silverstein. I chose his poem "Hug O War".

Day 48:

48/365 - Quaternary

Today's theme was "Quaternary" or things in fours. Billy helped me out again.

Day 49: 

49/365 - Revealed!

This has to be my favourite 365 shot so far, well except the one of us dancing. But I just love this. It's hilarious. The theme was to choose from a list of 100 words. I chose revealed and reaction.

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  1. The last one made me LOL. I was wondering what your nosy neighbors thought! ;) These are great. The hug one is adorable- love that one.


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