Wednesday, February 29, 2012

365 Week 8

Day 50:

50/365 - Signing in the snow wearing stripes!

Today's theme was "Flickr Gang Sign" and "S" so I flashed the sign in the snow, wearing sunglasses and stripes!

Day 51:

51/365 - Totally textures!

Today was my pick and I chose "Textures" because it also fit in with the Alphabet group for "T". So I added a telescope and a trench coat and trees.

Day 52:

52/365 - Dork!

Today's theme was "Dorks" and "U" so I went with this.

Day 53:

53/365 - Vessel

Today's theme was "Vessel" & "V" so I put veggies in a vessel and added a vignette.

Day 54:

54/365 - Whimsical

Whimsical & "W" was the theme today. I also had weeds in there!

Day 55:

55/365 - Bad hair days will end tomorrow.

Theme for today was "Six word stories". Mine was Bad hair days will end tomorrow. Which didn't actually happen. I had a hair appointment for the next day but I woke up with a really bad headache and my neck was killing me. So I couldn't bear sitting in a chair for an hour or so. So I am stuck with bad hair for a little while longer.

Day 56:

56/365 - Heading out

No theme for me today, we had a big day then headed out with friends for dinner so I snapped this just as we were leaving.

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